Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick of my houseguest

You know the BenFranklinism about company and fish, I presume. Auntie F has been here just 3 days, but I have already grown tired of organizing my life around her needs. And they are many. I understand that the poor old bitter girl (I'm referring to F) can't help it. And I do know just how much she loves spending time with me. She practically lives for these visits. But I need some breathing room. It's time for her to get back home to her snaggle-toothed cat, 5,000-piece solid-color jigsaw puzzles, and medicinal nips of blackberry brandy. Family or no, she's got to go.

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Pamela T. said...

She's busy here in my house, too, and damn she's annoying.