Friday, February 8, 2008

I've been electro-stimmed

Had my first encounter with electro-acupuncture yesterday. J, my clinic's acupuncturist, set me up in Transfer Room 1. That's "my" transfer room, where all the magic will happen in a couple of weeks (knock on wood, fingers crossed, and all that). She explained that just on the other side of the long wall is the embryo storage room, and she pointed out the pass-through window through which the embryologist and various minions will pass the goods to the doctor, watch the peep show, er, procedure, and provide commentary as needed.

J also said, "And this is the chair for your partner. He can hold your hand and watch the process on the TV screen, if he is able to make it that day."

"Oh, he's makin' it that day," I said.

She laughed and said, "You'll make sure of that, huh," and I said yes but thought, It's not a case of me making him do anything. Why on God's green earth wouldn't he be there while the doctor tries to knock me up? Why????

Then I realized that DH and I hadn't explicitly discussed his being there, and I recalled the few times I've been burned by ass-umptions about our joint understanding of things. Luckily, though, I didn't have to suffer for my initial haughtiness. The first thing DH did when he got home last night was spread his work calendar in front of me and ask when we'll know which days he should take off for the retrieval and transfer. Whew.

About the electro-acupuncture: I liked it. J stuck a bunch of needles in me as usual, but she shifted the focus from general health (reproductive and otherwise) and stress relief to the specific stimulation of follicle growth and uterine blood flow. For some reason, my meds dosages mattered to her (level of medi-stimming going on, I suppose). She hooked up a few needles to the E-Stim II. (I think. Whatever she used looked a lot like the pic — or maybe it was just an iPod.) Then she slowly turned the dials until I felt sensation at the needle sites. She seemed surprised that I didn't feel it before I indicated. Or maybe I just thought she seemed surprised. I described the sensation as a spinning top, to which she clearly acted surprised. But that's what came to mind. (DH said she was probably on her acupuncture forums last night saying "How would someone even know what that feels like?")

My brain adjusted to the electro-feelings very quickly. J said that the currents essentially do the work she would if she were to sit there and manipulate the needles for the entire session. Okay. I'm cool with it. I think I fell asleep again. I must have because the session lasted 45 minutes and I only managed two complete thoughts. I came to hearing (through the window) the raucous embryology lab team returning from lunch. The light on the other side of the window came on, I heard a small crash, and then during a quick scuffle, someone said "I thought there was one in the middle." I love hearing conversation snippets out of context, don't you?

Post over, smoke coming from the washing machine — will update later!

3:30 p.m. update:

No fire, thank goodness. Just smoke. Rest assured, I did turn off/unplug the machine, check the whole house for fire, and make sure the dog was safe before closing the original post. I think the machine's motor went bad. The basement — utility room, family room, my office — still smells, but I went ahead and closed the windows just now. It's been 3 1/2 hours, and it's cold!

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