Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Afternoon edition: Head guy says GO

Just got a clinic call telling me to continue with the meds and come back on Day 7. "Head doc" at the practice has seen it all and wants to see some more. My doc is at the new out-of-town office today. But will, at my insistence, call me before the day is out to discuss all.

I don't know. The nurse practitioner seemed pretty much on board with my thinking. Nothing about this morning's check seemed positive to her.

Cyst bigger, higher E2, precious few follicles (even fewer than before). What am I missing?

Hope to find out.


Opus #6 said...

Well after all this, maybe 2 more days of stims won't hurt anything to get a clearer picture. Hmmm. I'm not exactly familiar with your situation. Is it possible to convert to an IUI cycle if you don't get enough mature follies?

I_Sell_Books said...

Hmm. I agree with Opus, although I suspect you're spot on with your thinking. I hope we're both wrong and things improve.

Anonymous said...

Mary Ann, as of this evening, we've decided to do 2 more days and go in for a Day 7 check, with a Day 8 possible. IUI is a possibility if we cancel.

Hekateris, I hope we're wrong, too. I'm trying to focus on knowing that we can't know until we know and that we just have to roll with it to find out.