Wednesday, February 6, 2008


A Woman On Lupron, that is. Took my first shot at 6:15 this morning. DH rooted me on as I prepped the syringe at the breakfast table.

"So this is where you want to do it," he said, nodding slightly toward the unadorned sliding glass doors behind me. "You'll have to raise your tunic." (that's a nightshirt to you and me)

I knew what he meant. Anyone lurking outside in the early-morning blackness — and sitting in the neighbor's blue spruce — might be able to manage a largely obstructed 3-second ogle at my belly button as I rammed a needle into the small area of nearby pinched flesh.

"I'm doing it here," I confirmed.

Then . . . I did it! The first poke failed as my natural instinct to not stab myself prevailed. (I thought the needle would go in with less momentum. Nope, ya gotta stick it quickly.) But the second poke 2 seconds later was a smashing success. No pain whatsoever.

Mild side effects:
  • sliiiiiiggghht nausea lasting 2–3 minutes, starting 1 minute after the shot
  • fleeting tingly-burning feeling in both hands as the nausea faded
  • intense but short-lived urge to head out for donuts and coffee (what do you mean that's not the drug talking?)
  • little bit of a tingly-burning feeling as I digested my sensible one egg w/asparagus breakfast
  • continued slight feeling of warmth throughout my upper body (that's 3 hours later)
  • red bump at the injection site
  • mood swing: extreme annoyance that the clinic's acupuncturist didn't return my calls Thursday, Friday, Monday, or Tuesday (wait, that happened before the Lupron)
Looking forward to giving it another whirl tonight. I think I'll set up an injection station in the guest bathroom. But not directly under the skylight.

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