Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleeping like a __________ lately

One of my earliest posts talked about my fits of sleeplessness as we started the cycle. Although I felt all of it was directly related to nervousness surrounding IVF, in the absence of the impending ART reality, it could just as easily have been about anything I might have had on my mind — good, bad, or otherwise. I've had similar fits since childhood. I'm a chronic late-night thinker — talker, too; but I don't do much of that anymore because DH is a chronic falls-asleep-like-a-hibernating-bear something-er.

Typically, I am slow to fall asleep, stressed or not. My head hits the pillow, and I am alert, no matter how tired I felt minutes before. (Family, DH, former roommates, and friends from my prime slumber-party years can vouch for that.) For as long as I can remember, I've been accustomed to experiencing at least one night a week in which I just don't sleep well. And whenever I feel stressed, I tend to follow up that one bad night with several nights of sleeping poorly and one night of crashing hard. Then the cycle starts fresh at Sleepless Night One and repeats itself until whatever mini-storm has passed.

I noticed shortly after posting about not sleeping that suddenly I was sleeping through the night. Every night.

The magic of blogging? I doubt it. I'm thinking it might be a result of pushed-down stress. My theory is that the effort it takes to maintain the even keel I've been on results in a super-tired brain/body at night. And so I sleep when normally I would not. Or maybe I am simply handling it well. Or, maybe acupuncture helps, or BOOM, I broke a lifelong behavior pattern without even trying.

Tough to know. Then again — does it really matter? Sleep is good for me right now. It's probably best to let sleeping "rhymes with w!tches" lie.

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