Monday, February 25, 2008

Can't talk now, but I heard from my RE

How's that for a teaser? I've got a lot to say, BUT I'M NOT GOING TO SAY IT RIGHT NOW! Thanks for clicking.

I just got off the phone with Dr. K. We had a productive chat that covered everything I wanted to. I will go in soon to confirm that my cyst has gone away and discuss whichever treatment scenario DH and I decide to pursue. And that comes with a big "if any."

Wish I could stay and post away, but — just as Dr. K is trying to catch up on her work after vacation — I am still frantically trying to catch up on work that got the short shrift while I put making it through the IVF cycle first on my to-dos. (Well, it's not "just like" it.)

I should finish my current project tomorrow at the latest. My client has been an absolute gem about accommodating me these last several weeks. She doesn't even know why I had to renegotiate our schedule, but she just said, "Do what you need to do."

I dearly want to experience my normal feeling of slight control over my days before thinking of anything else TTCwise. A rash of evenings and maybe one whole weekend off would be cool, too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I had my follow up to my failed IVF cycle with Dr. K, late this morning. Other than her running 1/2hour behind (which is very unusual), it was a really good meeting.

It was a good thing we waited a month, because I was much more calm than I would have been had it been right after the cycle failed.

Basically, we don't know from just one cycle, if my egg quality is bad or not. It could have been because of the cyst, although she does not think so.

She said there were a lot of good things about the cycle, including:

I stimmed very well (16 eggs). Great maturity, and great fertilization.

She said the hard question, which she did not have an answer to was whether I would have the same percentage of success/failure now, with other people my age. She doesn't know.

My husband is not really ready for another IVF. Dr. K wants us to relax and just do clomid for another few cycles (maybe 3). That will get us through my trial at work, and through my husband's Boston Marathon. We are not going to do anymore IUIs, unless we want to. We can do an injectible IUI if we want to, but her preference would be to do IVF at this point, because she can control the cycle better.

She does think that I can get pregnant with the clomid. She doesn't think it is a lost cause. She said even people with perfect eggs (in their 20s) have failed IVFs, because sometimes it just does not work every time.

So, I feel better that I have a plan. Ironically, I am sort of indifferent to everything and don't feel this horrible anxiety anymore about it. I have sort of begun to believe that it won't happen, so all of this other stuff is just, well, I am not sure what it is.

Also, we told her about our second opinion at SIRM and that Dr. G thinks I have PCOS. She doesn't think that I do, but said it was not unreasonable to try it at this point. So, I get to have my insulin resistance test whenever I want.

How are you doing?


Anonymous said...

Shelley, so glad you had your appointment and came out with a plan. It all sounds really positive to me — hope you're feeling good about it. Let me know how your insulin resistance test goes. I'm sure you're eager to find out one way or the other.

Things are busy here, and that helps. We just need to figure out what comes next.

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