Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I was having such a good day

Yesterday I worried because some of my symptoms had faded. I've seen this happen to so many others — sometimes it's the beginning of the end, but many times it means nothing. Symptoms come and go. I persuaded myself to run with that explanation.

Today was a good day almost all the way through: Good energy. Clearest head I've had in a while. Productive workday. No pressing worries.

Then, after dinner, I started spotting. It's probably nothing. There's no pain, no cramping. It's very, very light. No red. So far I'm not freaking out, but I can't pretend to not be apprehensive. Vanishing symptoms PLUS spotting does not make me happy. It helps to know that it could be nothing. But that doesn't stop me from knowing it could be something.

I'll call Dr. K's nurse first thing tomorrow and let her tell me there's nothing to worry about. I'll also let her tell me to come right on in for a check-up.

Either way.


bb said...

Fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Sending sticky baby vibes, Lisa.

I hope the nurse can put your worries to rest.

Anonymous said...


I am thinking about you. As someone who has had the story end both ways, and had several pregnancies not work out, I know how frightening this is. I have nothing comforting to say, other than I spotted my entire pregnancy with my son, and he is 2 1/2 now.