Thursday, May 8, 2008

No totsicles

Heard today that our 2 "extra" embryos didn't make it to freeze. My immediate thought was that their demise reflects poorly on the quality of the ones we put back. But no good can come from mulling that.


Anonymous said...

No, don't think about the embryos that didn't make it -- you just had FOUR beautiful 8-cell embies transferred! That's fantastic and I'm so jealous. Your chances are great. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping for a big positive to come out of this. xxx

Lisa said...

I know you know this, but it only takes ONE. You chose the good ones to put back for a REASON. The good ones are IN YOU. The others didn't make it. I'm sorry they didn't make it, but I firmly believe you have a fantastic shot from the four that were good enough to be put in right away.

::Putting away my pom poms now:: :-/

Anonymous said...


The early demise of your last two is no indication of the viability of the embies in you! I have read countelss times about women with one little bean that made it all the way while everything else faltered! You have 4, so things are looking up! FXFXFX! /Kea