Friday, May 23, 2008

No news has been good news

I've been a quiet blogger this week, probably because I'm all talked out about my "delicate condition" for the time being (I'm fielding daily phone calls from the family) — and also because right now I need to reserve the part of my brain that strings sentences together. Desperately need it for work.

It's been strange to have something cooking without DH here. We talk every night, but it's hard to really talk. So far he's missed my positive HPTs, two betas, constant nap cravings, first stretching-type pains, low-grade fever (short-lived), frequent trips to the loo, and the first losing of the lunch. (Technically, I lost my supper. All of it. That happened about an hour ago.) I saw a bit of trace spotting earlier, too, but I'm trying to put that one out of my mind. It was minuscule and can't be worried about. Everything, overall, seems to be going just fine.

My first ultrasound happens exactly 2 weeks from today. DH will be home then, thank goodness.


Lisa said...

I plead guilty to being a blog stalker this week. I kept checking back to see how your Wed. beta went. I am so glad everything is still okay.

When does dh return? Hopefully soon. He can bring you a cool washcloth to wipe off your mouth when you're done losing meals. :) Congrats on the great symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! I must have forgotten to say that the Wednesday beta was canceled. The clinic starts with a 3-beta plan but stops at 2 if the numbers look strong. I wanted one anyway, of course, but they said "Nope. Call us if you're bleeding."

DH comes home next Saturday!