Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm IT

To be precise, I was it back on May 9, when Joonie "tagged" me to post the following meme. Didn't mean to ignore. I know I saw it, but it went in one eye and — poof — out who knows where!

Four things I did ten years ago (1998):
(1) Took a job I immediately wanted to quit. Stuck with it, though, due to the next item on the list.
(2) Bought my first house with DH.
(3) Interviewed a Bigfoot researcher who later donated his own skeleton to science.
(4) Assumed that — once we were ready, sometime in the future — conceiving a child might take a while. Like maybe a few months.

Four things I did five years ago (2003):
(1) Had my first fertility workup with an OB-GYN.
(2) Repainted the interior of our second house.
(3) Adopted a retired racing greyhound.
(4) Went off BCPs after 17 years.

Four things I did yesterday:
(1) Cleaned up doggie vomit. Poor pupper, but GAG!
(2) Placed holds on 10 library books I'll pick up later today.
(3) Found that the milk had gone bad.
(4) Confirmed my own pregnancy rumor for a good friend who lives 1,800 miles away. She'd overheard someone I don't technically even know describe an over-40, never-had-kids, IVF-doing Lisa MyLastName. When my friend butted in to say "Did you say Lisa MyLastName?", the non-acquaintance insisted that my friend couldn't know me. Hilarious!

Four shows I love to watch:
(1) Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is so uncomfortably funny.
(2) America's Test Kitchen. They have great recipes and good info about kitchen tools.
(3) The rotating Mystery series on PBS: Prime Suspect, Inspector Morse, Miss Marple, Poirot, you name it.
(4) The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Still makes me happy.

Four things I love to do:
(1) Write/read (sorry, cheating, but they are closely tied for me).
(2) Cook new things.
(3) Spend time with DH and the hound.
(4) Listen to jazz.

That does it. I'm supposed to tag a few new folks. I'm sure it's bad form, but instead of going out and finding bloggers who haven't participated, I am going to take the lazy route and invite interested readers to consider yourselves tagged! Just post the meme answers to YOUR blogs and then pass it on as you like. Easy!

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