Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday haircut and other feats of the mundane

All in all, this has been a pretty good Saturday. Of course I worked all day on each of the previous ones, so this particular Saturday didn't have to try very hard to impress me.

Before leaving for my haircut this morning (my first since well before my October myomectomy — I seriously needed to be shorn!), I studied my IVF cycle calendar, counting and re-counting my upcoming appointments while calculating the damage to next week's work schedule, and I just tried to breathe.

DH sat down with me, and I said, "I'm feeling all nervous this morning."

"About your haircut?" he asked, somewhat surprised.

"Yeah, about my haircut."

"Oh. About other stuff," he said. Then he did the right thing by asking me a bunch of questions about a bunch of things. Such a good boy.

I got an inch and a half (of hair) taken off, and it feels really good. My hairstylist asked whether I'd had "surgery or anything" recently. I didn't even know I needed surgery at my last haircut! She said that my hair felt different and that it was hard to work with. Which makes sense, really, as it takes a while for the anesthetics to work their way out of your system. I remember being told in the 80s to expect a bad perm after surgery for just that reason. The hairstylist told me to take prenatal vitamins for the hair sitch. Ha!

From the salon I went Starbucks for a breather before . . . nothing, really. I ordered a Superfood juice since I'm off the java juice for now.

The very few other things I did today:

Stopped by the library to see if they had anything I could use for this week's work (yes, but it was all checked out); dropped by the bookstore to see if I felt like buying any books (no, and that never happens); paid off the credit cards online so all limits are available to handle Monday's main cycle charges (I see no reason not to rack up some airline miles for our trouble); put new bars of both Ivory and Irish Spring soaps in the shower; sat on my duff while DH changed the sheets, ran out for milk, made brownies, watched golf, walked the dog, and started doing whatever he's been doing for the last couple of hours in another part of the house; and wrote this post.

Time to get up and make dinner. Not sure what it will be, but at least I know we can have brownies later.

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