Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Come on in

Guess I'm going to do this. Blog about my infertility, that is. I've avoided it for a few years now, thinking that adding my thoughts to the blogosphere would somehow put a hex on whichever of the 50+-but-who's-really-counting cycles that might have ended in success.

But now, as I'm primed for what might truly be the end of the road, one way or the other, I'm pretty sure I can't get through the next several weeks without expressing myself. In writing. Because that's how I do my best thinking.

I'd use my MacJournal (well, I will use my MacJournal for stuff I don't want to say here), but I feel a strange responsibility to post to the www on the off chance that doing so might help distract a fellow Infertile for a moment or two.

So, welcome to the blog. I'm starting an IVF cycle rightnow, and I plan to blow off a little steam here writing — candidly and honestly — about my struggle with infertility. I'll also link to resources I've found interesting and/or helpful along the way and pretty much lay bare my fears and frustrations with the IVF process (I am an ART newbie, btw) as they unfold.

About me:
  • 42
  • happily married
  • history of uterine problems
  • off BCP since late 2003
  • seeking big-gun IF care since 2005
  • on day 12 of the BCP cycle before IVF

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