Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I love the java jive, and it loves me

Last night I did some crowing about how easy I found it to step off caffeine. I've been drinking 1/3-caf coffee at home for years now and can usually cut all the way back fairly quickly. Naturally I fell off that particular wagon first thing this morning. My third steaming mug of full-caf Starbucks Winter Blend (leftover from Christmas) is pepping me up right now.

I stayed up working until midnight last night because I need to get ahead a little so that I don't fall behind with all the IVF-related appointments 'n' junk. Actually, I am behind, despite best efforts, but I should catch up by Friday. I meant to start at the crack of dawn today, but I did that yesterday and it turns out that burning the candle at both ends is one activity that confirms for me that I am not as young as I used to be.

So, I ignored DH's 5:15 alarm and got up at my regular time (6:30). I felt tired enough that I didn't think I could manage grinding fresh beans (which takes, what, half a minute?), and so I answered the siren call of the conveniently-ground Winter Blend. I am weak. But boy do I ever feel strong right now!

My goal is to be completely decaf by next Thursday when I start taking Lupron. Trying that yesterday was ill-conceived considering my work schedule this week. I also want to stay away from even decaf coffee as the cycle progresses. Who needs the chemicals. I am so conditioned to the comfort coffee brings me, though, that I might consider brewing a mug's worth each morning just to smell and see and fondle it.

And on that creepy note, I will sign off the blog until Friday.

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Tracy said...

I gave up caffeine with little challenge - even the 2-3 sodas per day I was drinking (diet, naturally). But I CANNOT give up my one mug of caffeine free coffee every morning. I love it too much.

A girl can only do so much. :)