Monday, January 28, 2008

Suppression check, mock transfer, pay(them)day

During today's suppression check, they found a 23–24 mm cyst on my right ovary. Small enough that we think things will move forward on roughly the same schedule. But big enough that the nurse couldn't get a clear AFC on that side. Had blood drawn to see how much estrogen the thing is churning out. Will know tomorrow and get further instructions on the meds from there.

They also did a mock transfer today (that went beautifully) and showed me the catheter type they use to do the real transfer.

And, I paid the main cycle charges. An ouchie total of about $13K. That's on top of last week's meds bill for just under $4K.

Remember how I thought "Take the Money and Run" might be a sign from the Eagles? That happened the day I originally thought we had to pay up. But I had the date wrong. So, technically, that sign couldn't have applied. I wasn't looking for a sign today, not even thinking about it, but when I pulled into the lot this morning I did get one. The tune that DH tells people is "ours" (but it's not) came on (that would be "Dude Looks Like a Lady"). It made me laugh out loud and reminded me that DH was with me in spirit today.

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