Friday, January 25, 2008

"I think that box is pregnant"

The FedEx guy brought my special combo of IVF-cycle drugs yesterday. I put down the box to look for some scissors, and my pup had the funniest reaction. She walked straight over to it and plopped into a sphinx pose, leaning into the box a little. She protected it. Couldn't have gotten any closer to it. So sweet.

I tried to get a picture, but as soon as she saw the flashy thing she eschewed her duties as pregnant box guardian to go into her treat "sit." It's nice to have that persistent sense of hopefulness in the house:


First look inside the package:


Pup says, "Good idea. You count, I'll sniff":


"THIS little container is built to hold a month's worth of biohazardous waste? That doesn't seem possible. I'm just sayin' ":



2Foofy4u said...

Lisa, if you're on the "micro-dose Lupron" protocol, we're on the same one. Let me know how the dexamethasone goes. The clinic I'm at sort of let us choose how many embies to transfer, however, I think the max they'd of allowed us would be 4 (which we wouldn't do), we chose 3.. I have a sister and a friend who went through IVF and they had 3 put back and one took. However, we had a drug rep where I worked, who had 2 put back and they both took, AND one split, so she had triplets. Where's a crystal ball when you need one???

(2foofy4u), Susan

Ms Heathen said...

Oh the joys of unpacking that great big box of meds!

And your dog really is very cute - more photos please!