Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Breathing, chasing off the crazy

Wellllllll, the FRERs that had been in my bathroom cabinet for a while were the Early Result type. These are the ones that can, in some cases, give you a positive several days before your missed period.

The FRERs I recently purchased are called Rapid Result. Have you seen those? I'd noticed the title difference but didn't think much of it. I assumed it just meant the results came up faster. I had no idea — didn't read the box, too cool for that — that they are recommended for use on the first day of your MISSED period or "thereafter." They are less sensitive than the others. Apples and tangelos!

Good grief. Different tests + highly dilute urine + POAS victim who's not used to working with positives = bring on the crazy.

The Rapids are all I have left now. Saw a hint of something later last night, enough to settle me down. This morning's test is darker than yesterday morning's and also dark as my lovely Answer tests, which are of the "early result" variety.

Heaven help me. I've hung an "Out to Lunch" sign on my testing lab.


Lisa said...

What a relief to read your updates. It makes a lot more sense now. Do you have a Dollar Tree nearby? I swear they make tests that are at least as good as the expensive name brand ones. Good luck Lisa, I am hoping and praying lines get darker and darker for you.

Joonie said...

Lisa, this is good news! I can't wait to hear your beta test results!

bb said...

Hoping your lines continue to get darker and darker! Good luck!