Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This was a bad day to look at my retirement funds

Ugh. I held off peeking at the volatile-economy-driven losses in my retirement funds until last Sunday — the day before all payments for IVF #3 were due.

The news was as expected. Sobering. Then came today's downturn. I read that this marked the 20th business day out of the last 23 that the Dow has logged a triple-digit move. Today it was down 733 points.

I couldn't stop myself from looking at my funds again. It's sick-making on a number of levels.

At the top of the list here and now, of course, is that IVF is so very, very expensive.

DH and I have talked, many times, about the serious financial hit we've volunteered to take. We've been revisiting the topic this week (and last), while there's still time to back out and bury the money in the backyard. But we keep coming to the same conclusion: The hit still seems worth it, even if all we get is a chance.


Tara said...

I agree with your entire post! I held off looking at my 401K until this week and it's depressing. The cost of IVF will be worth it - and the market will turn around. The sun will come out :)

Joonie said...

I still haven't looked at my 401K. I'm just terrified at what I would see and there's really not much that I can do about it anyway.

I know what you mean about the cost of IVF, it can seem overindulgent at a time like this. But I agree with you wholeheartedly, it is so worth it!

Tiffany said...

I completely agree. Having a baby to me is priceless and any step closer is worth it.

Polly Gamwich said...

I know it's hard ... but it's the BEST investment we can make. Try to smile, nod, and spread those legs on the table ... you're on your way to family building!! And cost just can't matter at this point.

Looking forward to your cycle updates,

Lisa said...

I'm not even looking at our accounts. I'm just going to keep telling myself that while it's down, it's cheaper to buy, plus we still have 30 years left to rebuild. ::gulp::

I'm glad you're doing what feels right for your family. I wish you the very best for this cycle, Lisa.

TABI said...

I agree too! It will be soooo worth it for the baby you've been longing for. I am wishing you the best for your upcoming cycle!