Tuesday, October 28, 2008


When I was 14, I used to substitute "Tusk!" for one of the more popular 4-letter expletives. I only did this around one friend. We thought it was funny. Private joke.

I hadn't thought about that in YEARS until I shouted it out in frustration today. This afternoon's report from my coordinator gave me a different take than I'd had just hours before about where I sit on the stimmed-up scale. I seem to be losing ground, or at least several potentially viable follicles. Tomorrow's measurements will give a better picture. So I am trying to stay calm, collected, controlled.

After my blast-from-the past outburst, I said "Tusk!" the rest of the day.

"Tusk!" I said at hearing today's drug re-order would cost more than yesterday's.

"Tusk!" I said at grasping that I seem to have just 4 good follies to root for now.

"Tusk, tusk, tusk!" I said at developing a purple bruise, itchy red rash, AND nausea after tonight's 3 injections.

Cussin' around has made me slightly smiley instead of fully frowny.

Meanwhile, look how young the Fleetwood Mac-ers look in this video from 1979!

The even, pulsing beat of the music suits me right now: Hormones coursing; me marching, marching onward.



O.k.... when I saw "Tusk" in your headline, I immediately thought of Fleetwood Mac. "She can't be referring to that 70s group, is she?" I wondered.

Laughed out friggin out.


I'm planning to substitute TUSK for all my curse words from now on... good one!

Happy to hear you are smiling rather than frowning! Thinking of you!

Opus #6 said...

Great word! I'm pulling for you and your follies!

Tiffany said...

Tusk! Grow follies, GROW! Soak those tootsies in warm water. I am SO sorry you are dealing with this.