Saturday, October 11, 2008

The drugs are making me weepy

Yet I haven't taken a thing. All meds are in the house. But I'm still 2 days away from my first antagonist shot and 10, maybe 12, from starting stims.

In the past few days I've teared up about all kinds of good stuff:

mistakenly cutting someone off during rush hour; receiving my cycle meds; chipping a mug I actually hate; seeing the pup take a 2-second detour on the way to her food bowl (hey, she needed to make her screaming monkey scream); getting a bill for extended storage of the sperm sample DH banked in our last cycle; buying a new sweater, then unpacking my winter wardrobe to find a near-identical match from an end-of-season sale last year; noticing (with relief) that DH looks relatively untroubled for the first time in many months; sending my brother a DVD of a goofy movie we used to watch as kids; thinking about WWII; learning that DH will be traveling during IVF . . . again; getting a compliment from a complete stranger at Target; noting the tragic fall of the Jackson family (triggered by an old Jermaine song on the radio);


My suppression check is Monday, and I am more than a little nervous about what we'll see. Hoping for no cysts. And a goodly number of resting follicles. With no cysts. And a nice batch of follicles.

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Ms Heathen said...

I think that the thought of starting a new cycle is pretty daunting - especially when you've been through it all before.

I hope your suppression check goes well on Monday, Lisa - I'll be thinking of you.