Monday, August 17, 2009

What do people do with extra rooms?

I recently mentioned that we have this empty room I'm wanting to fill.

I don't craft. Not even a little bit. Don't want to, not gonna. So any kind of craft room/project room/gift-wrapping room would make much less sense than even an empty room.

It's too small to be a TV room. And besides, we already watch TV/movies in the family room.

The room is also too small to house the exercise equipment we own but almost never use (recumbent bicycle, ski machine). Never mind that we'd have to carry the equipment up the stairs from the basement. Funny how we used it in our last, smaller house, but the family room setup there made it possible to work out in front of the TV. Can't really do that here, and for some reason working out at home without the option of watching some show you don't need to see hasn't caught on.

I'm thinking that the only real choice is to make it a reading room. Or a sitting room. Or a reading-sitting-music room. It's not big, but we could fit maybe 2 chairs and a table in there . . . or a small sleeper couch and a chair. Always room for a bookshelf or two. This seems most practical, but at the same time I feel like "WHY?" when it's just the two of us and we have multiple rooms already equipped to handle readers/sitters/music players.

If we REALLY wanted to stay in this house long-, long-term, we could knock out some walls and create a ginormous master suite. But. We don't need that. And. If we're going to start messing with walls, we'd probably do something with the kitchen instead.

Seems like the choice is clear, doesn't it? Still, I'm willing to entertain ideas if anyone else has any.


Joonie said...

How about making your extra room an "artist's studio"? Even if you don't paint or sculpt or anything like that. It just sounds like a cool room to have!

Lisa said...

Ooh, I've always wanted a writing "studio," so I know where you're coming from, Joonie! Preferably one with a water view. Or a separate building on the property like a guest house or casita turned studio.

I have a dedicated office (basement, though, with not much of a studio feel). If I created a studio, I'd have to find an artist to use it. Or . . . hmmm . . . to RENT it. :)

Lost in Space said...

I like the reading/writing room idea and would want to give it the feel of a retreat with maybe a tabletop fountain, over-sized pillows on the floor, chenille throws over the chairs, some nice plants and candles, rustic furniture...just a really comfortable place to get away from the tv and other noise.

I can't meditate to save my life, but if you do this would be a great place to do it. (-;

Lisa said...

Comfy, peaceful, retreat-like . . . sounding good. I hadn't thought about the ways simple decor choices could distinguish it. I do use meditation CDs on occasion (haven't gotten in to doing it using nothing but my quiet mind). Right now I go to the guest room with them. Might be nice to use the NEW ROOM for that.

Thanks for the ideas!

Unknown said...

computer room, reading room, I have a friend with a 'purse room'... personally I'd go with a craft or reading room...

Mrs. X said...

I wish I had a music room with a piano, although I don't know if you are musically inclined.

If not, I agree with the writing studio. Just a place that is yours. Hemingway had a wonderful one in Key West!

Lisa said...

Chelle, wow, to each her own purse room. Hey, if that makes her happy, I love it! (I have a purse drawer.)

Mrs. X, a music room is a possibility — I play both flute (have one) and piano (would need to buy one).

DH has been trying to buy me an electronic keyboard for years — the kind that practically replicates a traditional piano's sound — but I've wanted to hold out for the real deal. Big-ticket item, though, and I'm not sure this is the time. (Of course who knows WHEN that might be!) Thinking the music room might fit for the next house someday.

**My word verification is "happen" — should I modify my comment to somehow try to cash in on the magic?** :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Hmmm everyone had such great suggestions. I love the idea of a reading/writing room. Oh I would love to have one of those. A place to just "get it done" and it would be so peaceful and nice.

Let us know what you decide to do!