Thursday, August 6, 2009


Like my webby screen shot?

I just changed the age in my sidebar to reflect the reality ushered in 2 weeks ago today.

In the biggest picture, I am fine with owning and acknowledging my real age. But in certain picture-in-picture moments, I am somewhat less than fine with what I know to be true.


Mad Hatter said...

I have a counter post:

This is a blog that focuses on how it is possible to conceive naturally over the age of 40. She has a book about it and regularly posts articles. I personally find it comforting.

And, hey, I have given you an award - come by my blog to check it out! ;-)

Beautiful Mess said...

Happy belated birthday. I hope the bigger picture wins over the smaller picture in picture moments. I want you to be so very happy!

Phoebe said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm going to be 43 in a few days. If you feel anything like I do at birthdays now, celebrating is the last thing on your mind.

I'm glad you are coming to some peace with where you are at, though I don't doubt the grief is still there. Hugs!