Thursday, February 12, 2009

Even Wikipedia knows a doctor can't "implant" an embryo

I am still frustrated by the nature of the news coverage surrounding the octuplet mom. For example, DH and I turned away from CNN last night to get away from Anderson Cooper's incessant teasers about the "Angelina Jolie connection." Please. What a ridiculous tabloid-y ploy, trying to get people to stay tuned for nothing more than a "story" about how some people (on the street) are wondering (because a CNN producer asked them to) whether this person has set out to be like the beautiful celebrity with all the kids (who sells copy and gets viewers).

I have an idea for you, Media, and I really think you're going to like it:

Start calling her OctoMama, which rhymes with Obama (no disrespect to the president implied) . . . and let your imaginations take you to new heights of loosely-linked-to-nothing voyeuristic reportage. People will eat it up.

Meanwhile, I'm still hoping for the story about someone advocating for the mom to get the real help she needs so those children can have the best lives possible. Why is everyone so angry with her? Yes, I got judge-y myself. But you can't stay in that place for long when you see that she clearly lacks the judgment necessary for real-world decision making. It makes me sick that nobody seems to be stepping in to help in a meaningful way.


Beautiful Mess said...

I SO hope someone, anyone will give her help. Clearly she needs it! My heart is sad for all those kids. It's making me ill.

Lisa said...

I couldn't agree more, Lisa! One message board I belong to is full of vitriole and anger and it saddens me. No matter how they got here, those babies, the existing children AND this woman need help. We need to help her so that she doesn't have any more children. We need to help her to be able to raise all of the children in a clean, safe environment. We need to be sure they have clothes, car seats, diapers and food. Stop the hatred, people, and bring the help! Those babies are here, it's too late to close the barn door.