Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A favorite Christmas song

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" has been a favorite of mine since I was but a girl. I loved it even before seeing Meet Me in St. Louis for the first time at age 12 or so. But once I saw the film, the beautiful melancholy theme of the song came into focus for me and I loved it even more. Purposely making my heart hurt a little was something I couldn't get enough of at that age. My mom noticed same and surprised me with the sheet music so I could play the song and think about the heart-rending situation till I could play and think no more.

For anyone feeling like you're "muddling through" right now, you are not alone. Happens to the best of us. Just keep on muddling, and I promise I will too. Better days are coming. That's how it works.

Happy holidays to one and all!


Mrs.X said...

I really needed this post today. There is a lot of joy in the world, but my heart is still heavy. Thanks for recognizing that muddling is sometimes all we can do. :)

Happy, Merry, and Safe to you.

Pamela T. said...

Great tune! Wishing you all the best, too.

Opus #6 said...

Great song. And Judy Garland was the best. I tear up every time. Hugs.

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