Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All triggered up and no place to go (just yet)

Took my HCG trigger shot at 8:00 tonight. I'd been feeling a smidge nervous about doing the IM injection myself, but last night I had an epiphany. It went something like this:

Why worry?

So I didn't. Just mixed and jabbed. No prob.

Now I finish getting ahead on work enough to leave it alone from Friday (ER at 7:30 am) through Tuesday. DH's flight tomorrow will get him home by noon. He is exhausted, so we need to get him a nice nap.

Today's appointment report for those who follow such deets:

7 follicles at 18–20 mm
2 follicles at 15 mm
3 follicles at 12–13 mm

Dr. L will do the retrieval. I'd hoped to get Dr. K (my RE), Dr. D, or Dr. L. So I'm happy.

I had a tough time not crying on the drive home. I kept having strong surges of happiness/hopefulness about where things stand, remembering the "sick" from how things went before, and generally feeling hopped up on hormones. One minute I'd laugh at a corny morning-radio bit, then I'd be angry at the cell-phone user slowing down traffic. Just about lost it when I heard a clinic ad stressing how most patients don't even need IVF. ("Hey, chances are you'll get pregnant just by MEETING our super-smart staff!" Yes, I exaggerate.) Then, while finally walking into the house, I caught myself whistling. I don't whistle, btw.

DH just may get his wish of witnessing some authentic drug-induced mood swings!


Anonymous said...

Good job on the IM injection. It's not so bad, right? :) I'm glad to hear there are so many developed follies, now I'll send lots of viable eggie vibes. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

That shot was not bad at all. Thank you SO much for the vibes, Lisa! I will take them!

Anonymous said...

Just checking into see how you are doing and I'm so happy to hear about the good follie count. Wishing the best for you --

Unknown said...

I have the day off tomorrow.. But I'm setting my alarm for 7:00 so i can send you hugs and best wishes... and lotssssss of healthy eggs!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything went great. I think Dr. L is one of their best, even if he has a lousy bedside manner.