Thursday, June 12, 2008

I *almost* got another u/s today

But then I had to go and open my big mouth. I had my first appointment with my regular OB. She wanted to see me before I "graduate" from the RE. Why? 'Cause I'm old!!

Technically, I didn't get to see the OB . . . I saw a nurse practitioner. The whole thing started off poorly. I was the first patient through the clinic doors this morning, and I still had to wait 40 minutes to get started. I showed up with all the paperwork they'd mailed me, filled in. Handed it over. After the assistant escorted me to the exam room, she started asking me all the same questions from the forms. I answered a few, but soon I balked and said "Please, can't you get all this from the identical forms I already took the time to fill out?" Then she listed pregnancy symptoms and asked me to say yes or no. I almost laughed when she said "irritability" because I was fairly well irritated right then but still said no. What's she gonna do, challenge me? :)

The NP had me do — of all things — a urine pregnancy test. (They like to see it for themselves!) Then she did a cervix check and said, "Oh, yeah, you feel pregnant." I thought about asking what that felt like, but it seemed awkward with her hand all up in there. She did a blood draw, too, and sort of an all-around physical. Then — with me still on the table in the front-closing gown that had nothing better to do than keep falling off — we chatted about the upcoming appointment schedule, various screenings available, and classes offered by the hospital.

The NP asked about the 7-week ultrasound and then said "We usually do one at this appointment, regardless." I said, "Oh good, I can get a peek before next week's scan with the RE." And that ended that. She said it would be overkill and clearly wasn't budging. No scan for me! Stupid, stupid sharing instinct!

The one big difference between the atmosphere at the OB's and RE's offices: everyone today told me congrats and talked about the rest of the pregnancy as though it's a done deal. Very strange.


bb said...

YAY for great appointments!!!! Can't wait to see the next pics of your little one. Good luck!

Opus #6 said...

I'm so happy to hear you are in the grey zone between the OB and the RE. Keep up the progress!