Monday, April 14, 2008


Just feeling good because my suppression check went smoothly today. Everything looks normal. The only "cyst" was this cycle's ovulation follicle. It's small and collapsing on itself as I live and breathe.

It was Dr. L's day to see patients. He measured the cyst/follie, poked it from every which-way to see whether it hurt (nope!), and said, "That is a nothing. Everything looks exactly right for where you are in your cycle." He counted 11 small resting follicles, all of similar size (!!!!!!!!!!!).

When I said, "This is starting off so much better than last time," he smiled, clenched his jaw, and gave me a firm fingers-crossed sign. Then he said, "There are no guarantees." I told him to shut it and let me enjoy the difference 2 months make for a moment. All in good fun, of course!

Had a great acupuncture appointment afterward. My liver qi was especially good, said J. I was glad because I took a teetotaling break over the weekend. I didn't drink much at all, but it was more than the nothing I've been having per my own set of rules (the clinic says moderation is fine right now). It's just that DH and I went to a professional baseball game, and I don't think they sell soda pop at the stadium. They didn't at the bar we went to afterward, either. I am choosing not to punish me for disobeying me (and not thoroughly checking out the soda option)!

I'll give myself a 3-mg Cetrotide antagonist shot tonight. Stims start 1 week from today. And I will be visualizing, meditating, praying, and mostly muttering my brains out from here on out.


Evil Stepmonster said...

I found you through SweetPea and just wanted to wish you the very best for this cycle.

Anonymous said...

Things are looking really good this time around! I hope you get some good follies in this cycle - 11 would be spectacular, wouldn't it. Things are of course very unpredictable, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying your really encouraging progress right now. :-) Perhaps it's the electro-acupuncture... Good luck!

Ms Heathen said...

That's great news! Here's hoping that it marks the start of a trouble-free cycle!

Anonymous said...

Rooting for you all the way! So glad you had a gerat supression cehck! /kea