Saturday, March 22, 2008

Say it with me: "April stimsies bring May eggsies"

Catchy, huh!

We concluded on Friday that this IVF process will begin with my next natural cycle. Originally, I thought we'd get going with a progesterone test as early as tomorrow. I didn't realize that the first antagonist shot would occur then or that the appointment would serve as my suppression check. A bit clueless about the workings of the new protocol, I was.

I told the nurse coordinator that DH and I had TTC'd this cycle. Actually, to back up, I was questioning why she wanted to do the progesterone test "4 or 5 days" before my next AF instead of doing it at 7 DPO. Her response was that it was just easier. I disagreed, as my cycle length can vary by as much as 6 days and my LP by 3. Going by my ovulation date sounds much simpler to me. She said, "Yes, but then you'd have to know when it happened."


I told her I was already 4 DPO, and she said "What makes you think that?"

What makes me think that. Seriously? I guess women who don't track their cycles do end up at the Fertility Clinic. They must. But really, would you expect a 42-year-old woman TTC #1 for 4.5 years to NOT be testing for every last dang ovulation she has left?

"Fertility monitor, OPKs, typical signs, you name it."

"Ohhhh," she said, "Did you guys try to conceive this month?"

Sure did. Had I understood ahead of time that the first antagonist shot was given during my LP (when some might argue there is a minute-but-there chance that I could be pg), I might not have. But I did not and so we did. It.

That's why we're waiting. The suppression check will be about 4 weeks from now, give or take some unknown number of days for this LP to ride itself out and my next ovulation to occur. (I'm still gonna tell the nurse when that happens, whether or not she wants to know.)

DH is a little disappointed that we aren't starting right away. But I'm not. I feel better about having more of a break before stimming it up again. I can get in a few more acupuncture sessions, let my body regulate itself, and do whatever I can to encourage healthy May eggies.

Punny P.S. The nurse warned against engaging in further, um, activities (you know, the type that get other girls pregnant) "without protection" from here on out. I shared that with DH, who has promised to go out and buy a gun.

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Opus #6 said...

Go get 'em tiger. I hope your eggie sticks this month and you don't have to worry about all the rest.